Introduction to IPIA

The Irish Petroleum Industry Association - IPIA - is the representative body of those companies in Ireland engaged in the importation, distribution and marketing of petroleum products. Its membership represents about 95% of the oil industry in the Republic of Ireland.

The IPIA promotes the interests and represents the views of the oil industry-particularly with regard to environmental, health and safety issues. The IPIA is recognised by Government as the representative body for the industry. The IPIA promotes the understanding by the public of the oil industry's contribution to economic, technological and social progress. The functions of the IPIA do not extend to any matters relating to the terms and conditions of sale of product.

The IPIA also operates a Safe Loading Pass (SLP) Scheme that provides a means to control the risks associated with loading tankers at fuel distribution terminals. For members requiring access to the Safe Loading Pass database please enter your log on details as required.

Please contact Michael Joyce if you have any query about accessing the SLP system

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